1836: A Texas Olive Company

is a business venture borne out of a 100-plus year history in Dimmit County, Texas. The dream of building an orchard began with a desire to pay homage to the L.R. Vasquez family and their decades of support to Asherton and its community.

In 2012, the dream of a Texas olive orchard was launched into reality. 1836 grows and produces a boutique olive oil from four varieties: Arbequina, Mission, Picual and Tosca.

We believe in the Texas olive industry. We believe in contributing to the Texas olive industry and in extending our family legacy in Texas.

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When you pour 1836, the aroma is so much more than just olive oil. It’s an experience.

Augie Bering Owner, Bering’s, Houston TX

This isn't an advertisement of any kind, but as a chef I've always felt obligated to share the reasons behind my success in the kitchen, and I feel it's necessary to also share brands and recipes as well to help other chefs and foodies grow as a community. It's very rare that I come across a brand that has me switching out my pantry, until I came across this olive oil, and it's from Texas! And I've been trying different brands for years. Usually the mark of a good olive oil is tested with just bread and balsamic, I like to do shots of olive oil on its own, and with this I can. Growing up Sicilian we use olive oil for everything, including topical for hands and face to keep skin young, and to keep hair strong and shiny. I've got this Texas brand in my hair, my hands, and my tummy!

Dino Ballerino Master Chef, Food Network

You can literally taste the sunshine in the air, the love in the hands that picked the olives and the history in the soil, quite possibly this is the best olive oil I’ve ever tasted.

Shane Graybeal Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago IL

So, so happy that there is an olive oil producer in Texas that is obsessing over all of the right details, producing one of the most complicated olive oils I've ever tasted in America. Great job on that @1836oliveco. Proud to have y'all on the shelf at @revivalmarket.

Morgan Webber Owner, Coltivare and Revival Market, Houston TX