A business venture born out of a passion for olive oil and a Texas family legacy. We grow, harvest, mill, and bottle Texas-grown olives from four varietals, creating a boutique production of extra virgin olive oil that has been critically acclaimed by some of the highest rated chefs in America.

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Tasting Spotlight: 1836 Olive Oil

From Olive Oil Sommelier Hilda Christoff

Culinary Testimonials


This isn't an advertisement of any kind, but as a chef I've always felt obligated to share the reasons behind my success in the kitchen, and I feel it's necessary to also share brands and recipes as well to help other chefs and foodies grow as a community. It's very rare that I come across a brand that has me switching out my pantry, until I came across this olive oil, and it's from Texas! And I've been trying different brands for years. Usually the mark of a good olive oil is tested with just bread and balsamic, I like to do shots of olive oil on its own, and with this I can. Growing up Sicilian we use olive oil for everything, including topical for hands and face to keep skin young, and to keep hair strong and shiny. I've got this Texas brand in my hair, my hands, and my tummy!

Dino Ballerino: MasterChef, FoodNetwork

So, so happy that there is an olive oil producer in Texas that is obsessing over all of the right details, producing one of the most complicated olive oils I've ever tasted in America. Great job on that, 1836. Proud to have y'all on the shelf at Revival Market.

Morgan Webber: Owner, Coltivare and Revival Market, Houston TX

Deep complex flavor and superior quality are only a few of the attributes of this amazing Texas olive oil.  We use it in all of our restaurants and are thrilled to have found something that’s made right here in Texas.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Neal Cox: Executive Chef, Houstonian, Houston TX

When I first tried Kerry Thornhill’s 100% Estate Grown 1836 Texas olive oil, I bought 6 bottles of it—not because I’m a Texan (if anything, I can be skeptical). I was that taken by it. Over several months, I’ve tried it against what I consider to be among the best in the world—in the world, mind you. While great olive oils have their unique flavor characteristics and "terroir", Kerry’s 1836 olive oil has clearly earned its place on my table as a standout olive oil that can keep company on a world stage. If it were on the table of some of these other world class producers I’ve tried and admired, I think their eyebrows would gesture approvingly. Very well done, Kerry! Very well done!

Lewis Dickson: Owner/Farmer/Proprietor La Cruz de Comal

Occasionally a product comes along that sets a new standard in the industry. Perfectly harvested and unbelievably balanced, 1836 Olive Oil is comparable to the finest imports from Italy. The combination of farming passion and Hill Country terrain, blended with this Texas grown fruit places 1836 Olive Oil in a new class that is sure to become a staple in our restaurants and homes.

Danny Trace: Executive Chef, Potente Restaurant, Houston

Over many years of cooking, almost 40 years in total, through travels around the world visiting fields, orchards, vineyards and restaurants etc. I am very impressed and proud of Kerry and her olive oil. I tried thousands of EVOO’s and 1836 is up there in the top. Excellent bouquet, color, texture and flavor. I do enjoy using it in most of my recipes. Lots of kudos to Kerry and her hard work to produce such a great olive oil.

Arturo Boada: Owner, Arturo Boada Cuisine, Houston, TX

You can literally taste the sunshine in the air, the love in the hands that picked the olives and the history in the soil, quite possibly this is the best olive oil I’ve ever tasted.

Shane Greybeal: Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago

Olive Oil is a staple in Greek cuisine. Being first generation Greek-American, i’m very particular about which olive oil I keep in my pantry. When I discovered 1836 Olive Oil, I realized my pantry didn’t necessarily require a Greek Olive Oil. I loved this high-quality olive oil so much that I’m now selling it at my bakery. I only sell the highest quality products to my customers and 1836 definitely fits the package. It’s the only olive oil I dip my breads in!

Tasos Katsaounis: Owner, Bread Man Baking Company

1836 Texas Olive Oil took me by surprise, I did not expect to have this much flavor, depth, aroma and also the right notes of bitterness. I use it to dip my favorite bread or simply finish salads. This is an outstanding product that has as much Texas roots and history as Kerry Thornhill. She's passionate and determined, it shows in her craft. I am impressed. Props to you and your team!

Javier Lopez: Chef and Culinary Consultant, Sysco

1836 was so perfect for me. I do not like the acid finish of most Italian and Greek olive oil; your oil was so smooth, fruity and had a herbaceous finish; it was really fresh, bold, pretty intense which I think is what olive oil should be.

Jonathan Levine: Jonathan's The Rub, Houston TX

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